On what?

I came home last night and was pretty sure my boyfriend was masturbating to pictures of libertarians wearing diapers. I don’t have real proof, but there was a wad of tissues (gross) and that one guy wearing the diaper was on his computer.

accepting the ridiculous premise of your stupid fucking question as history
it really would happen if your boyfriend into anything toddlers
you’re doing loops is there all you want
this makes my anxiety disorder address built around decades of conservative white mediocrity
yeah you can hate


On and on

This FCC shit is really killing my heart. If Sinclair media group starts buying mid sized internet providers…democracy is doomed. I think this shit is gonna go down while Mueller is fighting for his life.

Ignore whatever they tell you
i promise you that women with opposing viewpoints from behind defeat have been given the opportunity to become the future
if we started boycotting everything that would prove that 2018 is just the trick
this shit was deliberately thoughtless

On reading the past

I’ve been reading posts from a long time ago and realized how lush the responses are. Do you think you’ll ever mean anything to anyone other than the author?

That you’re not the first chapter to the party system is built into the highest achieving outcome
you may seem like 2018 but beyond it will eventually lead into consideration
if that’s not your gut talking it’s not your friend

On making a ghost

Dear Noquette,
I feel vaguely creepy, but far more comforted by making this predictive text blog. At times the words that come up are just shockingly like the person who wrote them. At other times it’s just pure garbage. Is there any value in this?

That you don’t know the difference between submission and surrender is monumentally corrupt as well as human
Because these are not batshit crazy insight with your answers are merely symptoms of the larger purpose
I wouldn’t personally going anywhere hard
Don’t disorder that shit