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How do you make these?

Predictive text trained from my curated text file and generated on Botnik.org
I add a couple months of text before each session.
Then, I close my eyes and click on a word unless a cool word jumps out at me.
I keep clicking on that position until it would create a grammatical error, and then repeat the above. I’ve experimented with other methods of choosing the seed text like selecting some of the words and pasting them from the question, or rolling dice.
One time I even did “eeny meenie.”

That’s how serious this is.

Are you having any trouble with botnik?

Funny I should ask. Parenthesis are hell. Sentence fragments cause nasty choices. I’ve started trying to pare down to only full sentences in the training file and that has helped some.

Have I learned anything from this?

Yes. Vocabulary is identity. I played with some of the other predictive text models and it’s really surprising how the Coquette is a ghost on my machine. Some of the words just jump right out at you as something she would say.

When you see this grid of words staring at you…it’s like an alien telling you that it knows who she is.