On what I would or would not

I hate my parents friends being at Christmas dinner. Even though they’re polite about not attacking me, it’s clear they’re on the other side. Still, they probably keep it from turning into an all out brawl. I don’t even know what my question is.
Release the pain
Books and music will bring joy with a mirror to find your place

Have you ever punched a guy?

How can I survive the holidays?
you realize that you’re just sorry and then suddenly find comfort

Settle a bet? Coke or Pepsi?

when the lights come on at the bar and the guy seems a bit skeevy even though we had a great conversation…what should i do?
you should probably tell him why you’re feeling like a big fucking deal

If you could say one thing to trumpty dumpty, what would it be?
you’re just a fixation of shit

You’re a time traveler, what do you do?
i would rather take advantage of life


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