On Random Sized Advice

Why am I here?
because that’s occasionally all the fuck

My boyfriend thinks I am sleeping around and won’t stop accusing me of cheating on him.
i promise that your mother will change with 2018

I have trouble dealing with reality and wish I could fuck my way into someone’s heart. Is this a good plan?
yes, that even remotely defends your ex for buying out your identity

I fucked Coachella, but Coachella didn’t fuck me. Should I go back?
kill your guilt and get some fucking paved as possible relationships

I have this fantasy where I have a cape and go around punching nazis. Should I try to make this happen?
you are not finished growing
i haven’t the same world view at your freak

Help. I’m having an identity crisis because my state didn’t elect a pedophile! None of my friends understand why I would want a child molester in the senate.
kill that shit

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